Install Cinema HD on Firestick v3.0.4 (Updated, 2024)

Cinema HD  is the new craze in the long list of video-on-demand applications. Formerly known as HD Cinema APK, Cinema APK is an upgraded version that has got all the bugs and errors fixed. The application provides access to a plenitude of Hollywood movies and popular TV Series. Ranging from the latest, popular to the classics, everything is available in the application. The good news is that you can enjoy your favorite content on the big screen of your television as well. Cinema App supports installation on Firestick/Fire TV as well as Android TV Box and this is what we are going to share with you in this post.

Cinema APK on FireStick & Fire TV (HD Movies App)

Users of HD Cinema APK complained about a lot of buffering and slow downloading issues. The development team took note of the same and here we are with the new version known as Cinema APK. The content management team adds new content, regularly, to the application. You can also check out: Cinema APK Download on Roku – complete guide.

Cinema HD on FireStick | Features

Moreover, there is a cool new feature through which you can request the development team to add a particular content to the application on a priority basis if the same is not available. Before we proceed to the download and installation steps of Cinema HD on Firestick/Fire TV, please go through the amazing list of features of the new upgraded Cinema APK. Check this: Download Cinema HD APK on Windows 11/10/8.1/7 & Mac Laptop.

If we speak about the coolest feature of Cinema APK then we can easily declare the amazingly big inventory of the application as the one. Users, hardly, will face any situation where they are unable to find a particular content in the application. Moreover, if any such situation arises, as mentioned above, the requested feature is available.

  • Please note that no user has reported any kind of buffering issues in the application so far. Moreover, This app on Firestick uses high speed Hence, the download speed is pretty amazing. You can download your favorite content from the application on your local storage and watch the same offline, without an internet connection.
  • The application is completely free to use. There are no hidden costs or any kind of in-app purchases.
  • There is no concept of registration in Cinema APK. All you need to do is to install the application. Thereafter, simply launch the application and dig into the contents straight away.
  • The user interface of the application is smooth and easy to use. Movies and TV Shows have their separate sections. There is a search bar available on the main screen of the application through which you can look for your favorite content directly.
  • If you are facing any kind of space-related issues then you needn’t worry as the application takes not more than 15 MB of space on your Firestick/Fire TV or Android TV Box.
  • The application is not ad-free. However, the same doesn’t pose any kind of hindrance in enjoying your favorite content. They are not at all annoying or disturbing.

As you can see, Cinema APK has all the features that a good video-on-demand application should have. Proceeding further, let us check out the download and installation steps of this app on Firestick.

App Information

Application Name Cinema APK | Cinema HD APK
File Type Firestick APK
Latest Version v3.0.4
File Size 14 MB
Price Free
Compatible FireStick, FireStick 4K & Lite
Recent Update Today
Downloads 1000000+
Category Entertainment

Is Cinema HD Safe to Use on FireStick?

Before I recommend my app to my users, I test it by myself. Not only Cinema HD, whatever the APK I install on my phone, but that should also go under the VirusTotal test. You can check the screenshot of the VirusTotal scan results of Cinema HD v2 APK below.

VirusTotal Scan Results of Cinema HD APK on FireStick

You can see this scan didn’t suspect any suspicious files or malware in it. So, it’s a completely safe application if you watch movies and TV shows that are available for free in the public domain. If you want another safety protection, we highly recommend you all use the best VPN out there.

You check out this guide to update your Cinema HD APK for Free:

Easy Way to Update Cinema HD APK in 1 Minute [STEPS]

Download & Install Cinema HD APK on Firestick [STEPS]

  • Please note that Cinema APK is a 3rd party application. Hence, before you start the installation procedure, you are required to navigate to Settings -> Device -> Developer Options and toggle on the option of ‘Unknown Sources.’ This step is extremely mandatory as without this you cannot install it on your Firestick/Fire TV.Developer Options - Cinema HD APK
  • Next, please navigate back to the main screen and perform a search for the ‘Downloader’ application.

Downloader App on FireStick

  • The Downloader application will, usually, come up as the first search result. Tap on the ‘Downloader’ application and install the same on your Firestick, Fire TV Cube & FireStick Lite. You can identify the application through its orange icon with a download arrow.

Cinema APK Download on FireStick

  • After the installation of the Downloader application is complete, please launch the same, navigate to ‘Settings’ of the application, and disable JavaScript.

JavaScript Disabled - Cinema HD on Fire Stick & Fire TV

   Cinema HD APK Download – DIRECT

Copy and paste this button link in your search bar of your firestick, it starts automatically getting installed it on your device. Wait for couple of seconds, and Boom. Cinema HD APK Installed successfully on your FireStick Now.

HD Movies APK - Downloader

  • Tap on ‘Go’ and wait for the webpage to load up. Once the webpage loads, you will see a button titled ‘Download APK File.’
  • Tap the button and the APK file will start downloading on your Firestick/Fire TV. Once the download is complete your Fire device will automatically ask you whether you want to install the Cinema APK application on your Firestick/Fire TV. Provide your confirmation for the same.

Install HDMovies APK FireStick - Cinema HD

  • Be patient as the installation process might take time. Once the installation process is complete please press ‘Done.’

Cinema HD APK Installed on FireStick

  • Now, your Firestick or Fire TV will request you to delete the APK. You must go ahead with deleting the APK to conserve space on your Fire device.

Installed Cinema HD - FireStick & Fire TV

  • Cinema APK will be present under the ‘Your Apps and Channel’ section of your Fire device on the home screen.

Cinema APK UI on FireStick, Fire TV & Fire TV Cube

These were the steps to install Cinema APK on Firestick/Fire TV. Please find below the steps to download and install Cinema APK on Android Box.

Error Fixing Guides:

Install Cinema HD on Android TV Box [STEPS]

  • We know that Android TV Box runs on the Android operating system. Hence, the installation process of the Cinema App on your Android TV Box is the same as installing an application on your Android smartphone.
  • First, please download the Cinema APK file on your Android smartphone.
  • Make sure that you download the APK file on your SD Card. If not, then transfer the same to your SD Card.
  • Your Android TV Box has an ‘App Installer’ section. Please select the same.
  • A window will come up asking you to choose an option from ‘Local Disk’ or ‘External Storage.’ Connect the SD Card to your Android TV Box to install the application and select ‘External Storage.’
  • After selecting the memory, simply tap on the ‘Install’ button next to the Cinema APK, present in your SD Card, for installing the application on your Android TV Box.
  • Once the installation process is over, you can access the Cinema HD APK application from your television.

Also, check out:

Cinema HD APK Download Android TV Box (Nvidia Shield & Google TV 4K).

Steps & Setup Real-Debrid with Cinema Plus

  • Launch Cinema APK and tap on the Menu button displayed as three horizontal lines in the top-left corner.
  • In the menu options, tap on Settings.
  • Select the option Login to Real-Debrid.Logged In Real Debrid
  • A code will appear on the screen. Please make a note of the code.
  • Launch a web browser and enter the URL: [].
    Real Debrid Setup - Cinema HD
    Real Debrid Setup – Cinema HD
  • Here, you are required to enter the code that you noted down above and hit Continue.
  • A notification will come up stating authorization is complete.
    Search Movie - Cinema HD
    Search Movie – Cinema HD
  • Now, in Settings of Cinema HD v2 APK, you can see that you are logged in to Real-Debrid with Cinema APK.
    Logged In - HD Cinema App - Real Debrid
    Logged In – HD Cinema App
  • Look for a movie that you wish to watch on Cinema APK.
    Cinema HD Movie - Real Debrid
    Cinema HD Movie – Real Debrid
  • The Real-Debrid streams of the content will be highlighted in yellow color.

My favorite article from the blog:

Cinema HD APK Real Debrid Not Working [Solved]

Steps to Setup

  • Launch Cinema APK and tap on the Menu button present in the top-left corner.
  • In the menu options, please tap on Settings.
  • Select the option Login to Trakt TV.
    Login Trakt TV - Cinema HD
    Login Trakt TV – Cinema HD
  • A code will come up that you need to note down.
  • Launch a web browser and enter the URL: [].
  • Here, you are required to enter the code that you noted down from above and hit Continue.
    Login Trakt.TV - Cinema HD
    Login Trakt.TV – Cinema HD
  • Tap on ‘Yes’ on the window that comes up next stating Allow Cinema to your Account. | HD Cinema APK | HD Cinema APK
  • Go back to the Cinema APK app and you will see that the sync with trakt. tv is successful.

Steps to Setup Subtitles

  • Please launch the title that you wish to watch on Cinema APK.
  • Tap on the dialogue button present in the top-right corner of the screen.

Setup Subtitles with Cinema HD TV APK

  • Please select your preferred subtitle language.
  • A lot of subtitle files will come up. Select the one with the most downloads.

Subtitles Setup with Cinema HD APK

  • Your content will play with subtitles now.

Cinema HD Movies with Preferred Subtitle on FireStick

Our own favorite Cinema HD (HD Movies APK) on Kodi Guide is finally available here, you can give it a check if you are eagerly waiting for this guide.

How To Update Cinema HD APK [2024]

If you love using the Cinema HD application on your device, you may be wondering how to check for updates in the app. Your worries have come to an end, here we are sharing the best way to check for updates and update your Cinema HD APK.

Since Cinema HD is a third-party application, you need to check for updates manually.

  • Initially, on the top left click on the ‘hamburger icon’.
  • Now, scroll down and navigate to the ‘Check for updates’ button.
  • The application will redirect you to Cinema HD’s official website. You can check for all the latest updates that are launched. You can download the APK for reinstallation.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q - Is it Legal to Install Cinema HD APK?

Yes! It is legal to install Cinema APK. However, some of the content provided on the app might not be legal to stream. Hence, it is advisable to stream contents that are present in the public domain.

Q - Can I Download Content from Cinema HD APK?

Yes! Simply tap on the Download option to do so. An active VPN connection is a must before attempting to download.

Q - Which Devices are Compatible with Cinema HD APK?

You can Install Cinema APK on Firestick/Fire TV, FireStick Lite, Android TV Box, Android mobile devices, and more.

Q - Cinema HD Parse Error While Updating?

If you are updating the APK through the inbuilt update, you might face this kind of Parse Error. You can follow the above method to install a separate APK and update it on the FireStick.

Q - Is Cinema HD APK Best App for Movies Out There??

Yes, at the moment, Cinema HD App is the best application to watch movies and tv shows for free.


So, these were the features and installation steps of Cinema HD on Firestick, FireStick 4K, FireStick Lite, Fire TV, and Android TV Box. If you face any issues during the installation process or have any additional questions to ask, please drop the same in the comments section provided below. We are always happy to help you.

Thank You.

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About the Author: John Carter


  1. latest version doesn’t seem to be working for fire stick. giving a error 401 when I go to try to download it

    1. Go into your app settings on your fire stick, then got to manage apps, clear out the data on your cinema HD app. That’s what I do

  2. Trying to download v2.0.7 on firestick receiving error message:
    Unknown error. Check your url and connection.

  3. First if all I love CinemaHD apk. However I don’t want to sound like I am really picky but maybe I am. When in tv mode, I have hard time seeing the “cursor” or where I am? The coloring of the screen and the grey is too hard to distinguish where you are. But I do live the APK. Honestly

  4. How do I get those annoying yellow ads that float around the screen DURING the movie to turn off? They block the screen and I can’t stream any movie on CInema without them floating around.

  5. Downloaded yesterday and 1st attempt to watch Doc Martin wasn’t ideal. The spinning blue ball continued to interrupt the program. I tried other programs & had the same issue. Then loaded La-la Land movie and everthing was perfect. Any hints or help?

  6. Why does the cinema app not have links for many of the TLC shows like counting on and welcome to plathville? You can like the show as your favorite but when it comes to selecting an episode, no streams can be found. Can this be fixed?

  7. Used to be my #1 movie app to go to when I could get the good links like google video rap video and all the other ones now the links are just kind of shitty

  8. Followed steps to download on Firestick but the download button doesn’t appear, the same screen as these instructions are what is showing.

    1. I have had the newest version of the cinema apk on my firestick for about 2 months. I can’t get any links on most of my favorite movies none. If I find a movie that does have links it’s constantly buffering like every 5 seconds. Is there a fix for this? It has gotten to be very annoying. I have tried different players to see if that may be the problem but nothing has worked so far!

  9. Downloaded this app to my firestick absolutely brilliant does what it says on the tin easy to use and many choices of streams to choose from would highly recommend it ????

      1. Is there any way to donate other than bitcoin? My bank will not allow bitcoin to go through. I would even support/pay for a premium, subscribe version of this app, it works great! So long as you keep it updated, so many developers are shutting down their apps, TV ZION just shut down.

        1. We appreciate your efforts, Donnie 🙂

          But, as of now, we are not asking for any donation. Thanks once again.

          If you really want to support us and our hard work, you can do via bitcoin, but you are with no bitcoins, so, no worries. Enjoy the application 🙂

          Thank You.

  10. my cinema HD v2 cant seem to load tv series season icon, all o them tv series. this doesnt happens to movies. how to solve?

  11. Subtitles are down. It’s literally loading every single set of subtitles you guys have, in no particular order. It’s been like this for over a month. I clicked the wrong subtitles while scrolling and now I’m stuck watching a movie with dubbing and subtitles. It’s very distracting and I can’t remove the subtitles -_-

    1. Just install the latest update today December Nine. Now I cannot log in to Real debrid. I was in the middle of a show and the update came up so I did it. When the update was done there were no more links for real debrid and I tried to log in and I cannot. I backed out … I restarted…. came back in & I still can’t log in to real Debrid

  12. I cant get the latest update to download. Everytime I try it says error installing, cancel
    or retry but won’t let you click on either. And now nothing works.

  13. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve spent 2 full days trying to figure it out!

    Real debrid links will not play. Says responeAddmegnet Error:403 Its doing this again!!!

  14. I have just downloaded 2.2.3 on my fire stick but am having problems with the audio sync. Comes earlier than the video. Is there settings for this?

  15. Just install the latest update today December Nine. Now I cannot log in to Real debrid. I was in the middle of a show and the update came up so I did it. When the update was done there were no more links for real debrid and I tried to log in and I cannot. I backed out … I restarted…. came back in & I still can’t log in to real Debri

    1. Hey, Real Debrid faced a DDOS attack and there is nothing wrong with our app. Now, they also fixed it completely, You can login now and enjoy the app 🙂

  16. Hi John, Happy Holidays. Question…

    I have Cinema HD on my Fire TV as well as my Fire Stick. There is a show (Hush) where I get working links for on the Fire TV but I don’t even find the show on my Fire Stick. I barely found it on my Girlfriends Fire Stick. But it gets no working links. Is the App different depending on what device you install it on?

  17. Hi
    I updated on the the fire stick v 2.3.5
    Links show, but nothing is playing as it keeps taking me back to the tv/movie page

    Please advise

  18. Been using Cinema for a while now, even installed the latest update. The app is barely working correctly. Tried to watch a TV show and it takes you back to the menus of shows, even the episodes I already watched. Several of the movies take you to different links. So many bugs now, truly not functional.

  19. So, want to say love this app, been great to have. I saw you guys fixed the tv shows crashing when you try to play an episode. So now I’m having trouble watching any South Park episode from season 12, 13, and 14, just keeps giving me the sad face. Any ideas to try?

  20. Hi I’ve been using this app for a couple of years and just as of 8 days ago, I can’t view movie titles, only tv shows. If I search for a movie title, it times out and says “sometimes server has died…” Can’t watch anything. I deleted app, reinstalled twice, and nothing. Help please! 🙂

  21. Since the last update (cinema HD v2.3.5) every time I click on a tv show episode to watch, it takes me back to the “home” screen. Weirdly, watching a film works perfectly fine. I use real-debrid and Trakt within the app, installed on a Fire TV stick OS

    I did reinstall and the issue went away. However, when I did a restore from the backup I made, the issue has started again. It seems whatever the bug is, it is contained within the backup of the app.

    Is there any idea how to fix this issue yet? I would like to continue using Cinema but if I’m unable to use my backup to restore my history and favourite programs, I see no purpose as the list is quite extensive.

    Any advice appreciated!

      1. The issue is still not resolved.

        As I explained before, I am able to do a fresh install and the cinema HD works perfectly fine. However, when I restore the “backup” I made in the cinema HD settings the issue comes back. This happens in and analytics version too.

        I just had installed. In settings I made a backup. I uninstalled the app on the fire stick and installed via – the app said cinema HD BETA. Once installed I tried to stream a tv show and it worked perfectly. I went into settings to do a “restore” from the backup I made and my version bow says (not Beta) and I can no longer stream any tv show like before.

        Whatever the issue is, it is able to be stored inside a backup, because the issue only begins when I do a restore. I do not mind manually changing my settings but my cinema HD app has a big list of favourites that I want to be able to access. If I don’t restore from backup these will be lost.

        Any idea how I can remove this bug and be able to restore my backup so the app can function properly?


      2. I forgot to add: I tried install the beta on top of the v2.3.6.1 version as well as separately, by uninstalling. Both options work fine UNTIL I restore my backup, then the app just resets every time I attempt to select a tv show episode (film works fine).

  22. I can’t delete tv shows on my favorites using the newest version. Also the sort does not stay set. I have to resort every time I go to it. I liked it when it used to save your most recently watched show to the top of the list.. if you can’t restore that then can we at least keep the sort order you last used. Also it would be ver6 nice if we could tell which programs is highlighted or where the cursor is better the light gray screen over the photo is very hard to see

  23. I am unable to reach you via your support tab. I can not remove tv shows from my favorites. The favorites do not stay sorted. I have to resort them every time I go to the app. In the past, the app would move the most recently watched tv show to the beginning of the list. That made it very easy to tell what programs you had recently watched. Can you please go back to this

  24. I have Unable to remove favorites, even though app says “favorite removed”. Sorting has to be resorted each time app is used. This version is not as good as prior

  25. Same as prior comment here, favorites seems to have stooped working. I cannot delete any from favorites list and new ones added do not show on screen. History function no longer displays last movie watched or searched for. Passing this along FYI.
    Thanks for all your efforts in producing a great apk.

  26. Hi,
    I do really like the application and i encourage you to improve it, but i noticed that the last versions of the app doesn’t support the arabic subtitles (wrong characters)
    Kindly, can you solve this issue very soon
    Best regard.

    1. Please try our latest version where it fixed all the bugs. latest version is v2.3.7.3 as on 08-06-2021.

  27. Hi. Having a problem with the v2.7.3 version. No links for tv shows I used to get and some links just have a terrible picture. Also app keeps crashing going black then back to the home page. Please help thanks.

  28. Hi, for the last couple months, I’ve been having an issue with the screen going grey at the end of movie, and am unable to hit the back button on firestick remote to return to previous screen, instead I have to hit home button and reboot app. It’s really becoming annoying! Is there any way to fix it?

  29. Hi, having an issue with grey screen at end of movie/tv show. It doesn’t allow me to go back to previous screen and I have to reboot after every show. It’s becoming a major issue of inconvenience.

  30. Is cinema hd closed down? Hasn’t updated in a while and links seem to be gone or very little. I hope it hasn’t. Thanks

  31. Since Cinema app updated to 2.4.0, i have been having a very hard time finding links that actually work properly. I am in Canada, i use a VPN and it doesn’t matter which server I’m connected to; even if I’m not connected to my VPN, i still receive basically no working links. They either don’t stream or they are in foreign languages and I too am having a hard time with subtitles and not being able to remove them. Cinema app at one time was so amazing but like all things, they did too many updates and now it basically doesn’t work much at all. I also have no intention of handing out my credit card info to install the app, which is what i’ve been asked for. NO WAY! I’m very very disappointed but at the same time, I’m also not remotely surprised. I knew something this good couldn’t last forever.

  32. Trying to watch arabic TV series on cinema hd but when I click on episode it shows no links but usa shows works how can I fix this problem thanks..

  33. Using cinema HD v2(2.4.0) on a firestick why is it every film I look for comes up then you go to watch it and it’s something completely different it’s so annoying????

  34. Hi, have loved Cinema for couple years now. Had to reload and now several links to other movies than the title are listed.

  35. It’s really not working very well for me.
    Most of the time it’s the wrong film advertised.
    You have to search for a film that has a working provider.
    The app used to be flawless.
    This was my all time favorite app.

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