WSOP FREE Chips Promo Codes REEDEM DAILY – (Working, 2023)

WSOP Promo Codes for Chips | WSOP Free Chips – WSOP Codes Redeem 2023 Latest: WSOP (World Series of Poker) is a well-known online poker platform serving millions of people worldwide. It is 100% safe and legal. Speaking about brick-and-mortar poker games, you require possessing a lot of money to enter into one.

FREE WSOP Chips - Promo Codes Claimed [Working]
FREE WSOP Chips – Promo Codes Claimed [Working]

However, it is not the case with WSOP online as anybody can try their luck on the platform and make it big. In this post, we are going to share with you free WSOP codes for chips. This post will receive periodic updates in the form of WSOP free chips links and promo codes 2023. So, what are you waiting for? Continue reading ahead to get your hands on WSOP Free Redeem Codes.

Is WSOP Online Legit?

Be assured; WSOP Poker is legitimate and is the official online platform of the World Series of Poker; the most famous poker tournament series in the world. In fact, WSOP has a reputation of being synonymous with the premium online poker events and best online poker websites.

WSOP Free Redeem Codes – How to Use?

It is simple to utilize the free WSOP chips codes. For your convenience, we have listed the steps below explaining step-by-step how to use WSOP Codes 2023 to get free WSOP chips.

Game Name World Series of Poker
Company Playtika
Compatibility Android, iOS, Web


  • Launch the WSOP game on your smart phone.
  • You will see a button called Get Chips. Click on the same.

WSOP Free Chips Redeem | Claim

  • On the left side of your mobile device’s screen, you will see a box captioned as Claim Now.

Claim Now - Redeem Code - FREE WSOP Chips

  • Enter the WSOP promo code here and tap on Redeem.

Redeem Code - WSOP Free Chips Claimed Working

  • Now, you will receive an in-app notification telling you how many free WSOP chips you got.WSOP Promo code - Free Chips Claimed Working

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WSOP Free Chips – Active WSOP Promo Codes and Chips 2023

Poker chips are costly and if you do not have enough money, you cannot get your hands on these chips. Here is where these free WSOP chips codes come in handy. Below are the valid WSOP promo codes that will get you free chips in your WSOP account. Redeem codes in your account and you will acquire a good discount of up to 90%. Please note that the promo codes provided in this post work only with WSOP online. They will not work with any other similar online gambling platform.

Below are 10 WSOP Promotional codes, which will get you up to 25K free WSOP chips along with a bonus as well.

  • GLYNMOD18 – 20,000 Free Chips X Status Bonus
  • WSOPLOUNGE2017 – 20,000 Free Chips X Status Bonus
  • BACK2NORMAL – 20,000 Free Chips X Status Bonus
  • PLAYNOW2017 – 20,000 Free Chips X Status Bonus
  • GLYNMOD2018 – 20,000 Free Chips X Status Bonus
  • MODMATT1 – 20,000 Free Chips X Status Bonus
  • MATTMOD2 – 20,000 Free Chips X Status Bonus
  • WSOPBRACELET2018 – 20,000 Free Chips X Status Bonus
  • MARKSLOUNGE18 – 20,000 Free Chips X Status Bonus
  • LOUNGEMODMARK – 20,000 Free Chips X Status Bonus
  • WSOPMODJOY – 20,000 Free Chips X Status Bonus
  • JOYLOVESTHELOUNGE – 20,000 Free Chips X Status Bonus
  • TYLERSMOD2018 – 20,000 Free Chips X Status Bonus
  • MODDESIREERULES – 20,000 Free Chips X Status Bonus

As mentioned above, we will put utmost efforts in updating this page periodically with fresh WSOP codes 2023. We recommend checking this post frequently so that you can acquire WSOP Redeem Codes 2023.

Check out the following active WSOP codes as well to grab up to 50000 free WSOP chips with a bonus along with.

  • GLYNMOD2022 = 20000 Free Chips & X Status Bonus.
  • MARKSLOUNGE22 = 20000 Free Chips & X Status Bonus.
  • TYLERSMOD2022 = Receive 20000 Free Chips & X Status Bonus
  • CHAMPION2022 = Gain 25000 Free Chips with X Status Bonus
  • TURKEY50 = Get 50000 Free Chips & X Status Bonus.
  • WSOPBRACELET2022 = Get 20000 Free Chips & X Status Bonus

WSOP Promo Codes May 2023 | Free Chip Codes for WSOP

You do not require entering the promo code manually. Copy/Paste works just fine with these codes. Also, please note that these codes are not case-sensitive. You can type them in lower or upper case. It depends on your status, how much multiplier you will get. As an example, if you are receiving 25000 free WSOP chips and you have a silver status, you will receive 50000 chips. Listed below are some of the fresh WSOP redeem codes for April 2023.

  • JULY4TH 
  • BELATAEDBIRTHDAY > 16,500 Free Chips & Status Bonus
  • HAPPYBDAYDOUG > 16,500 Free Chips 
  • THANKYOU30   
  • LABORDAY17   
  • MISSIOASDNSURVEY50 > 50,000 Free Chips AND Status Bonus

As far as increasing the bonus multiplier concerns, you can do so by buying chips or levelling up. However, you require spending real money to do so. Nevertheless, we are not here talking about spending real money. You can also level up your bonus multiplier by playing other games developed by Playtika viz Slotomania, Caesars Casino, Bingo Blitz, Vegas Downtown Slots, and House of Fun Slots. My favorite App (Premium Music for FREE) – xManager Spotify APK (Pro Unlocked FREE) Download on Android.

WSOP Codes Redeem | WSOP Free Redeem Codes [Free Chips Bonus]

Apart from the above, you can always check up WSOP bonus page to check out free chips. A host of WSOP players caters to this bonus page and they often share free WSOP chips, if available. Hence, we recommend checking this page periodically. For the sake of sharing, we have put down below some old promo codes as well from March 2023.

  • EAGLES2018 >  25,000 Free Chips AND Status
  • BIGGAMESUN2020   
  • GROUNDHOG2020   
  • GOODEYE2020 
  • MLKDSFAY2020 
  • SNOWEDIN2020 
  • PHSDFD2050 
  • CHAMPION2020 

Check few more – 

  • 50,000 Free Chips X Status Bonus:

” TURKEY50 “


” CHAMPION2017 “



  • 500,000 Free Chips Code:


  • 100,000 Free Chips X Status Bonus:



  • 7,500 Free Chips X Status Bonus:



  • 40,000 Free Chips X Status Bonus:

” FLUSH2017 “

” MLKDAY2018 ” 



” STRAIGHT2017 “

” ALLIN2017 ” 

  • 25,000 Free Chips X Status Bonus:





” CHAMPION2017 “



” GOODEYE2018 “

” CHAMPION2018 “

” EAGLES2018 “

What are the different Poker variants in WSOP?

Below are the poker variants that are present on WSOP.

  • Seven Card Stud [Fixed Limit]
  • Texas Hold’Em [Fixed Limit, No Limit, Pot Limit]
  • Omaha [Fixed Limit, No Limit, Pot Limit]

WSOP Poker Events Schedule | Types of Games in WSOP

  • Sit & Go

If you are not of those players who like to participate in a timely tournament, you can always opt for Sit & Go poker games. These poker games do not have a particular start time and they continue throughout the day. Whenever a required number of players are available, the game will start.

In addition, if you are concerned about spending too much time playing online Poker, Sit & Go games are the one you need. This is because; these games get over in less than an hour.

  • Tournaments

As it is clear from the name, these are poker tournaments. Please note the tournaments come with an entry free. You require paying a pre-determined free to enter into these tournaments. These tournaments happen quite often and you can easily find a tournament bonus code hanging around periodically in the game.

The overall prize that you can win in the tournament depends on how many players are entering the game. More the players, bigger is the prize. Some of the popular tournaments on WSOP are satellites, rebuy, turbo, and knockout. In WSOP, satellite tournaments rank top in terms of popularity. As a winner of a satellite poker tournament on WSOP, you can land a chance to play poker at the most prestigious live poker event in Las Vegas, USA.

  • Cash Games

To check out the available cash games, you require going to the Poker Lobby. The lobby will show you all the games that are about to take place. You can put in different filters like Type, Buy-In, Number of Players, and more. 

Simply tap on the table to join it. In case, the table that you want to join is full, you will enter into a waiting list and entered immediately once a seat becomes vacant. You can start playing thereafter. In addition, before joining the table, you can have a look at the other folks who wish to join the same table and how much amount they are carrying with them.

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What are the Payment Methods Available on WSOP?

WSOP offers several payment methods. Whether it is a deposit or a withdrawal, both activities are simple and secure. In the game, you require logging in with your credentials and then tap on the ‘Cashier’ option. From here, you can choose any of the below methods.

  • eCheck ACH
  • Credit/Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover)
  • PayPal
  • Cash at Casino Cage
  • PayNearMe

All of the above options are available for deposits. However, for withdrawals, you cannot use Credit/Debit card or PayNearMe. Minimum deposit is of $10. Cash at Casino Cage carries a minimum deposit of $50.

WSOP Free Promo Codes Not Working | Unable to Use Free Chips Codes

If by chance, a WSOP code for chips is not working, we recommend trying another code. In addition, the code only works for players 21 years or older. If you do not qualify the age limit, the promo code will not work for you. Please visit this post periodically to check for updates on the available codes as well as the addition of new WSOP promo codes 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q – How Many WSOP Promo Codes I can Use?

You can opt for WSOP Codes Redeem with each code once per WSOP account.

Q – Do I require paying for using the WSOP Free Redeem Codes?

No! These free chip codes does not require any kind of payment.

Q – How can I Get Loose Chips on WSOP?

Based on your membership level, loose chips are available for you every 4 hours on the WSOP app. Please login to check the same.

Q – Can I Play WSOP Without Money?

In WSOP, free online poker games are also available. You will get 250000 free chips in the beginning and you can start playing like a pro to enhance your skills. Round the clock people are available to play poker. Hence, you can login whenever you wish to get your hands on free poker.

Q – Can the promo codes utilized to redeem any other offer?

You can utilize the promo codes to get the welcome offer available for you.

Q - Are these Promo Codes Work?

Yes, these are latest upto date codes, and working great for everyone out there. Please keep visiting daily to get fresh promo codes for FREE.

Q - Do I Need to Pay for these Promo Codes ?

No, These promo codes are completely free for everyone.

Q - What is WSOP Promo code?

It's a 8 to 16 digit promo code that gives you to get free rewards at redemption to get free coins.

Q - Can you win real money on WSOP App ?

Yes, in Nevada and New Jersey..You can win real money in WSOP application.

Q - Are HUDs allowed on WSOP?

HUDs no longer display non-numerical information, classify players, or dynamically display information unique to some specific situations.

Q - My WSOP Promo Codes Not Working, What Should I Do?

There are some limitations based on region and age, these promo codes are working. Make sure that you are above 18 years, and if any of these promo codes are not working, please visit us tomorrow for fresh promo codes.

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Wrapping up – Free WSOP Chips Code 2023 [100% Working]

We wrap up this post here from our side. However, we will be keep on updating this post as soon as new promo codes start becoming available. Therefore, keep checking this post for new promo codes. Remember, poker is not about how much money you have; it is about how much your skills are refined.

Thank You.

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