xManager Spotify APK v5.2 Download on Android – (Premium FREE)

xManager for Spotify APK Download – Among the premium music apps, Spotify easily finds its place among the top ranks. For a normal user, there exists Spotify FREE version and Spotify PREMIUM version.

xManager APK for Spotify (Premium Features for FREE)
xManager APK for Spotify (Premium Features for FREE)

Understandably, Spotify’s FREE version comes with its own set of limitations and anybody who wishes to harness the complete potential of this wonderful music app has to go for the premium paid version. However, what if you can get your hands on different versions of Spotify Premium FREE with all VIP mods unlocked? Here comes into play, the fantastic xManager APK that deals specifically with Spotify MODs [Premium Unlocked FREE]. Before we go ahead with our article, I think you should check this article – FilmPlus APK (No Ads) Free Download on Android [OFFICIAL].

What is xManager for Android?

xManager or xManager App, available on the Android platform, allows users to download and install different versions of the Spotify music app. This means you can choose to upgrade or downgrade any version of Spotify. Moreover, instead of looking for different Spotify MOD APK apps from different sources, you can get all Spotify Premium MODs under one roof.

Before we get into in detailed discussion of the xManager application, first you can download the latest updated APK from the below link.

   xManager Spotify APK

xManager Spotify APK on Android Premium FREE – Features

The following features of the xManager Android App will help you understand its functionality.

  • Completely FREE

The app is completely free to use with no hidden charges or in-app costs.

  • All in One Place

You do not have to visit any external links from the application to install any version of Spotify. Based on the Android mobile device you are using, you can upgrade to the latest version or install older versions of the application.

With the built-in manager settings, you can easily deploy a Spotify MOD Premium Features Unlocked APK and play around with its features, enjoying your favorite music FREE.

  • Easy to Understand UI

If you are wondering about the user interface of the xManager app, it is not at all complex. You can easily navigate around and locate what is best for your Android mobile device. As far as MODs go, the app gives you three options viz Regular, AMOLED, and Lite. All three MODs have the required premium features viz ad-free streaming, play on demand, and limitless skips. The difference lies in the point that the ‘AMOLED’ MOD comes with a black theme and the ‘Lite’ version of the MOD occupies less space on your device.

Get Spotify Premium Features for FREE [VIP Mode Unlocked]

You can get your hands on all versions of Spotify Premium for free whether the latest or oldest. Based on the version you choose, you can access all premium features available for that version. Gone are the days when you had to handle a 30-second advertisement every 15 minutes you play your favorite music on Spotify. Enjoy ad-free streaming on Spotify with the xManager App APK.

  • Occupies Less Space

Compared to the functionality that the xManager APK provides, it occupies little space on your Android mobile device. Check out the app statistics below.

Name xManager for Spotify
Category Utility Tools
Developer xC3FFF0E
Latest Version v5.2
Compatibility Android 5.0 or above
Need Rooting? No
Size ~ 9 MB
Last Updated 2023
Price FREE
  • Manager App Tools

You get the required manager app tools as well viz Uninstall, Launch Settings, Clear the Cache, and Launch App.

What are the Advantages of xManager (Spotify) for Android?

Now, since you are aware of the features of the xManager App; check out the advantages or benefits that come with installing Spotify MOD [Premium Features Unlocked]

  • Ad-Free Streaming
  • Get your hands on exclusive music immediately after its release with no wait time.
  • Unlimited Skips
  • Unlimited Replays
  • Enjoy high-quality music at 320 Kbps.
  • Eliminate the shuffle mode and enjoy the entire album in one stretch.

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Install xManager Spotify APK Android [Free Spotify Premium]

Now, since you are clear on the features and advantages, let us check out the steps to download and install the xManager APK for Spotify [Premium Unlocked FREE] on Android mobile devices.


  • You have to uninstall the Play Store version of Spotify from your Android device. For that go to Settings > Apps > Spotify.

Uninstall Original Spotify If you have installed on your device

  • and tap on Uninstall.

Uninstalled Spotify APK Android

  • Click on “OK” to confirm the deletion.

Delete Spotify APK Android - Uninstall

Please note that there is an option to install a Spotify clone as well inside the xManager App without having to delete the original Spotify app from your device.

  • Enable the option of Unknown Apps from the browser you are going to utilize. For that go to Settings > Apps > Special App Access > Install Unknown Apps > Google Chrome > Allow from this source.


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  • Download the xManager Latest APK file from the official GitHub page or tap on the link below to download the latest APK file from this post.

   xManager Spotify APK v5.2 Download

Installation – 

  • Tap on the downloaded APK File.

xManager APK Android

  • Give the required permissions.

xManager Permission Access on Android

  • Ignore Play Protect Warning, if it comes, by tapping on Details > Install Anyways.

Instal xManager APK Android

  • A pop-up will come asking whether you wish to install this app.
  • Tap on Install.
  • When the installation is complete, an App Installed pop-up will come. Tap on ‘Done’.

xManager Spotify APK Installed on Android

  • The installation is complete. You will have the icon of xManager APK on the home screen as well as in the app drawer of your Android mobile device.

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 [How-To] Use xManager APK to Install Spotify Premium FREE

  • Launch the xManager APK on your Android device.

Launch xManager APK File on Android for Spotify

  • On the first launch, you are required providing Storage Permissions to the application.

Storage Permissions for xManager Spotify APK Android

  • Just tap on Setup on the pop-up that comes up and tap on Allow.

Allow Access to Manage Files - xManager Spotify App

  • Next, you are required to enable the option of Apps from Unknown Sources for xManager. The next pop-up that comes will seek these installation permissions. Just tap on Setup and toggle ON the required option.
  • Now, from xManager app, depending upon whether you want to go for Regular (Stock Patched), AMOLED Patched, or Lite Patched versions of Spotify Premium MOD, select the Spotify version you require.

xManager Spotify Latest Releases on Android

  • Tap on the Latest Release and hit Download.

Downloading Spotify Pro for Free Android

  • If a Google video or ad survey, just tap on ‘Done’ and wait for the Spotify APK to download.

Patched Spotify APK Installed on Android - xManager

  • As soon as the download is complete, you will see a Successfully Downloaded pop-up. Tap on the optionInstall Patched’ on this pop-up.

Download Patched Spotify Premium FREE on Android

  • Hit Install again.

Install Spotify Paid FREE on Android

  • When installation is complete, you will get a note that after installation and login to Spotify, you require re-opening or force closing the Spotify app for its functions to work properly.

Open Installed Spotify Android APK Free

  • Launch the Spotify App and log in to your Spotify account.

xManager Spotify APK Installed on Android

  • Now, you require force closing the Spotify app and re-opening it to make all the features work. For that, on your Android device, go to Settings > Apps > Spotify > Force Stop > OK.

Force Stop of xManager Spotify APK Android

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Changelog of xManager v5.2 APK:

  • Disable the notification option added in the settings.
  • Hide options for Stock Patched, Amoled Patched, Lite Patched, and Wave Patched are added.
  • Translation option added for Japanese, Nepali, Serbian, and Tamil languages.
  • Minor optimizations and improvements.
  • A Monet icon was added in this update.
  • GDPR Consent message added in this update.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q – Is xManager Safe?

As per the developers’ note on GitHub, the source code is free from any kind of spyware, key-loggers, trackers, or any other malicious code.

Q – Do I Have to Root my Android device to Install xManager for Spotify?


Q – xManager App Not Working. How to Fix?

While using the app, users might experience certain downtime when maintenance activities are underway. This happens as the developers manually change the hosting links of each file from time to time.

Q – Is xManager App Ad-Free?

You have rewarded ads in the application. However, you can disable the same from the app settings technically making the platform ad-free.

Q – Can xManager work on iPhone?


Q – What platforms xManager Supports?

Android, Chrome OS, and Windows 11. However, you require using Android Emulator as the app does not natively support Windows, Linux, or MacOS.

Q - Should I download Armeabi-v7a or Arm64-v8a?

This is quite usual confusion we face whenever we download something from internet. Don't worry, here xManager helps you to decide which one to select. It will show you the preferred option above the tools manager section you can see the CPU option, or you can simply Armeabi-v7a option which works most of the time.

Q - What is xManager Spotify?

It is specifically designed for Spotify users, it will let you download all the latest versions of the Spotify premium versions for free. You can enjoy all premium or paid features of Spotify with xManager, for FREE.

Q - Why is xManager showing an older version as Latest?

That's simply the cache issue, you can refresh the page to see the latest version.

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xManager for Spotify APK Free Download [Premium Features Unlocked]

We conclude this post here. If you have any questions, queries, or doubts, feel free to reach out to us via the comments section below. We will be happy to answer all your questions. Till then, get xManager Spotify Premium Free and enjoy your favorite music.

Thank You.

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