CarTube – Watch YouTube on CarPlay Without Jailbreak (#PLAY)

CarTube – Add YouTube App to CarPlay Without Jailbreak: Do you have enough of looking around for the greatest app that allows YouTube to play on Apple CarPlay? And without using a jailbreak? Fear not. This is the ideal location for you to receive a clear-cut response devoid of any deception. It’s called CarTube.

Watch YouTube on CarPlay with CarTube

YouTube and other entertainment applications can be installed on CarPlay without requiring a jailbreak thanks to this CarTube IPA. To learn more about this amazing program, let’s go a little more. If you are looking for a similar option, I would highly suggest you all check out – CarBridge – Open Any App in CarPlay (FREE – No Jailbreak).

CarTube: What is It?

The official YouTube app can be used on CarPlay thanks to a new software called CarTube. From iOS 14.4.1 to iOS 15.4.1, it works with all TrollStore-compatible devices. Your favorite YouTube channels may be seen and heard on the screen of your car thanks to this software.

An iPhone and its applications may be controlled by the driver via the infotainment system of their car thanks to a function called CarPlay. Along with Siri’s voice control, it provides hands-free texting, music, phone calls, and travel. CarPlay offers a safer method of using iPhones in vehicles to minimize distractions while driving. Currently, CarTube and YouTube may be used together.

CarPlay has one drawback: not all third-party applications work with it. This includes apps that are banned for safe driving, such as Netflix and YouTube, which are video playback apps. The TrollStore may be used to install Avangelista’s CarTube IPA. With CarPlay compatibility, CarTube is a feature-rich software that lets you use YouTube on your car’s built-in display.

Features of CarTube

Please note that CarTube is not an official YouTube app, despite having these functionalities.

  • The CarPlay interface allows you to browse, search, and watch YouTube videos.
  • without requiring a jailbreak, functions on any smartphone that supports TrollStore.
  • Nothing except advertisements.
  • Possibility of avoiding sponsored content.
  • The CarPlay system and iPhone are playing videos continuously.
  • incorporates the sharing extension “Play on CarPlay”.
  • All copied YouTube URLs may be pasted with ease.
  • Only now able to see 360p videos.

CarTube YouTube Videos

When it comes to watching YouTube videos on CarPlay, these capabilities are unquestionably fantastic. On the other hand, you can feel left behind by YouTube if you utilize other video streaming sites as well. WheelPal offers the answer you need if you want to use CarPlay to run any app or view any video streaming service. You should not miss this article on – 20 Best CouchTuner Alternatives (Working in 2024).

About the Compatibility

CarTube has its limitations. Developer Avangelista is the creator of the TrollStore add-on CarTube. You can only install CarTube on iOS & iPadOS 14.0–15.4.1 and perhaps some iOS 15.5 betas since you need TrollStore available on your iOS device to install it. Apple addressed the vulnerability that TrollStore takes use of above. Because of this, you are unable to make use of the fascinating features offered by the incredible CarTube app if your iPhone or iPad is running an OS version higher than those listed above. All things considered, CarTube is limited to iOS/iPadOS devices that have TrollStore compatibility built in. 

  • iOS 15 – iOS 15.4.1
  • iOS 14 – iOS 14.8.1

Download CarTube – YouTube on CarPlay Without Jailbreak

Installing CarTube on any iPhone device requires the TrollStore IPA Installer, which is exclusive to the bundle. To access and alter system files that are prohibited on iOS 14.1 through iOS 15.4.1, the application leverages an iOS exploit. Take these actions to use the TrollStore app to install CarTube IPA on your iOS device:

  Download TrollStore 

TrollStore is now compatible with iOS 15.5 – iOS 16.6.1 & iOS 17 versions. You can try these versions also to get the CarTube on your CarPlay. Everything works perfectly without any jailbreak.

   Download CarTube IPA

   Download CarTube TIPA

  • Install TrollStore if you’re running firmware version 15.4.1 or earlier than iOS 14.
  • Save CarTube IPA to iCloud after downloading it for iOS.
  • Connect the TrollStore app to the downloaded IPA file.
  • Once the download is loaded, TrollStore will install CarTube for you.

Installed CarTube with assist of TrollStore

  • The Home Screen provides access to CarTube.
  • That’s it. Enjoy all your favorite YouTube videos, shows, and movies on your CarPlay.

YouTube Movies & TV Shows with CarTube

If you have FireStick –

Install Cinema HD on Firestick v2.6.0 (Updated, 2024)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How can I use CarPlay to view YouTube without jailbreaking my phone?

Without requiring any additional hardware or a jailbreak, CarTube enables YouTube streaming on CarPlay. Until now, there has only been one software option available to view YouTube on CarPlay without requiring a jailbreak, which is CarTube.

Q - Which iOS versions can I use CarTube with?

Using CarTube, you can see YouTube on the CarPlay screen without jailbreaking the following iOS versions. We have not yet published CarTube iOS 17. 1. iOS 15 – iOS 15.4.1 2. iOS 14 – iOS 14.8.1

Q - Is CarTube Safe and Secure?

Because using CarTube’s services doesn’t need jailbreaking your iOS device, it’s safe.

Q - Does CarTube Have a Free download?

Sure, No hidden fees or in-app purchases exist, and using the software is free.

Q - How Can You Use CarPlay to Play YouTube?

Your actions will determine it. Choosing applications that function on an iOS device with jailbreaking is highly recommended if you are comfortable with the process. The best alternative, though, is CarTube, if jailbreaking is not an option. You are unable to upgrade to an iOS version that is incompatible with TrollStore using CarTube, please note.

Q - Does CarPlay allow you to Add any Apps?

Not all third-party apps that you download to your iPhone are compatible with CarPlay functionality. CarPlay Home instantly detects compatible apps, which Siri may operate. These apps include audio, navigation, messaging, voice-calling, and manufacturer-specific apps.

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Conclusion: CarTube – YouTube Videos on Apple CarPlay

CarTube allows you to stream YouTube content to Apple CarPlay, however, we ask that you use the streaming services only while your car is in park mode and a responsible manner. It is up to you to ensure your safety. It is very discouraging to stream or view videos while operating a car. Take pleasure, but use caution.

Thank You.

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