CarBridge – Open Any App in CarPlay (FREE – No Jailbreak)

CarBridge App – Open Any App in CarPlay (Apple CarPlay): Users can add additional apps and functionality to their cars via the Carbridge app. With the aim of providing customers with more and more functionality than the Apple Carplay software allows, this software was created.

CarBridge - Play Any App on CarPlay [FREE]
CarBridge – Play Any App on CarPlay [FREE]

Both iOS and Android smartphones can download the Carbridge App. The Carbridge App can be downloaded by users by following simple instructions on iOS or Android. Check out my favorite app – 180+ Free Roblox Accounts & Passwords with Robux (DAILY).

What is CarBridge?

The CarBridge App’s creators created it with the goal of giving Android and iOS users extra functionality. If you don’t already know, there aren’t enough apps and functions in the Carplay app to satisfy users. It has drawn a lot of user complaints, yet nothing has resolved the issue. 

CarBridge App - Play any App on CarPlay FREE - No Jailbreak

The Carplay App users were having problems because the corporation was not providing new features. You may quickly fix them with the Carbridge App’s assistance. The Carbridge App enables customers to use any app on their mobile device. With Carplay, you may utilize it on your vehicle’s screen. Everything will operate in a similar manner to Carplay.

CarBridge App Information – 

App Name CarBridge
Seller Name leftyfl1p
Category Tweaks
Latest Version v2.0.12
Compatibility iOS 13 – iOS 16.5.1
Supports Rootless? Yes
Size 423.68 KB
Downloads 1000000+

Features – CarBridge (Play Any App on CarPlay)

  • Utilize your car like an iPhone would be used: Google, Netflix, calculator, everything.
  • Simply download from our website, jailbreak your phone if necessary, and link it to your vehicle.
  • From your car dashboard, watch YouTube and possibly even check Twitter.
  • A wonderful community with tutorials for users and the ability to assist you.
  • Small-size app. Only 24 MB make up the CarBridge App. It neither uses up space nor drains your battery.

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2 Ways to Install CarBridge App on CarPlay

Method 1: Via Official Website

  • Visit the Carbridge app’s website (
  • There is a button that shows “Download Now”, tap on it.
  • The next step is to choose between iOS and Android as your operating system.
  • Select an operating system option.
  • When you select “Start Installation,” the procedure will begin.
  • A new pop-up window will appear asking you to connect with your phone. 
  • The file will start downloading as soon as you connect the device.

Start Installing CarBridge App - CarPlay

  • The CarBridge App must then be successfully installed on your smartphone by following the on-screen directions.

CarBridge App Installed on CarPlay - Play YouTube

  • That’s all, you complete this installation process successfully.

CarBridge - Download Any App on CarPlay

Method 2: Install it via Cydia 

Zebra or Cydia are both options. Continue with these procedures after jailbreaking your iPhone. You may install Carbridge Cydia using these approaches.

  • On your device, open Cydia. 

Open Cydia - CarBridge App on CarPlay FREE

  • Install the following in Cydia: Rocketbootstrap, Applist, and Filza Perferenceloader; these are not visible in Cydia; thus, you must go to your source tab, for example. The Big Boss and the System Preference Loader.
  • Install the leftyfl1p.deb file by using Filza to do it.
  • Congrats! Now that the leftyfl1p.deb file has been installed, you can use any app on CarPlay with CarBridge App.

CarBridge App Installed on CarPlay - Install Any App Now

Now! You are free to utilize any app on CarPlay as of right now. You may utilize a few reputable CarBridge alternatives in your CarPlay without paying anything or having to worry about installing a third-party VPN. With the Palera1n jailbreak tool, you can also jailbreak iOS 16.

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Alternatives (Wheelpal, NGXPlay, CarPlayEnable)

WheelPal, NGXPlay, InCar, and CarPlayEnable are just a few of the CarBridge alternatives available. Take a deeper look.

  • Wheelpal

The greatest CarBridge substitute app is WheelPal, as you are aware. In addition to being a jailbreak fix and Cydia substitute, Wheelpal offers a number of advantages. It brings you, your preferred adjustments, on your vehicle play.

All you have to do to use the Wheelpal app is download it using the QR code or link below. Your Apple warranty no longer causes you any concern. Now, everything is completely secure.

  • NGXPlay

You can personalize your Apple Carplay with third-party apps that are not offered in the App Store if you previously have a jailbroken device operating iOS 14.8.1 or lower. Any video content is also accessible through the WheelPal App.

NGXPlay CarPlay - Free - No Jailbreak

The most recent iOS version, however, isn’t yet compatible with NGXPlay.

  • CarPlayEnable

A jailbreak hack called CarPlayEnable (formerly known as CarPlay Cast) enables iOS 14 jailbroken devices to run any app on the CarPlay interface. Similar to the CarBridge software, this patch does not allow DRM-encrypted multimedia streaming services, which may be a turnoff for certain users who frequently utilised these services to watch videos.


Q - Can you use CarBridge for streaming Netflix?

Since CarBridge doesn’t accept DRM content, it won’t function with apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon Prime, etc., but it will be fine with streaming services like YouTube that don’t have DRM.

Q - Where do I Get CarBridge?

From its official website or GitHub, you can quickly download the CarBridge App.

Q - On my iPhone, how can I Install CarBridge?

CarBridge can be installed on the iPhone using a number of methods. Following the directions on the official website is the first way to install the program. Using Xcode is the second approach. Follow the steps we briefly mentioned above to install the CarBridge app on your iPhone.

Q - How can I purchase the CarBridge App?

The CarBridge App ( is not required to be purchased. It is accessible without cost. CarBridge also comes in a paid-for version.

Q - Without Jailbreaking, can I still Get CarBridge?

No. Jailbreaking is necessary in order to alter iOS’s core functionality. Without a jailbreak, this is not feasible.

Q - Is using CarBridge Secure?

CarBridge is entirely secure to use. Your device or your car won’t ever get damaged.

Q - Which CarBridge alternative is the most effective?

Since WheelPal can jailbreak your device and enable running any app on CarPlay with the support of CarBridge / NGXPlay, it is regarded as the greatest CarPlay alternative. The newest iOS 16.5 version is supported by the WheelPal app.

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Conclusion – CarBridge App Free Download for CarPlay

The Carbridge App has numerous fantastic features that customers on their car dashboards require. However, it grants customers access to a wide variety of apps that were previously inaccessible via Carplay.

For people using cars, it has both beneficial and harmful effects. Even after installing the Carbridge App, make sure your focus is always on the road. The Carbridge App can be installed on your device using any of the techniques indicated below. To do this, adhere to the guidelines given above.

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